Evidence of periodontal disease

Imagine never brushing your teeth…for years. Without proper oral care, that’s the situation you create for your pet. Many of us fail to realize that bad breath is not a normal condition for dogs and cats. In fact, it’s one of several signs that your pet may have an underlying oral health issue.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Your pet has really bad breath
  • Your pet has plaque buildup
  • Gums may be red and swollen
  • Blood in your pet’s mouth or on his toys

The effects upon your pet

Without proper oral hygiene, both dogs and cats can develop periodontitis. Advanced stages of the disease have very serious consequences that can shorten your pet’s life:

  • Intense pain can prevent your pet from eating
  • Bacteria can spread from your pet’s mouth into the blood stream and affect other organs
  • Your pet’s jaw bone can deteriorate, leading to fractures, dental abscesses and even tooth loss

Taking proper action

By recognizing the warning signs and educating yourself on the stages of periodontitis, you can help identify the disease before it causes serious and irreversible consequences to your pet.

Armed with this knowledge, you can proactively support your pet’s oral health.